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Argent Court | Texas Assisted Living | Senior Retirement Homes
Texas Independent Living

Independent Living

Our independent living and senior care options allow residents to experience the benefits of living in a community & enjoy fewer daily responsibilities like cooking and cleaning.

Residents will also gain peace of mind with quick and easy support and medical assistance from our trained staff always only a call away.

Texas Assisted Living

Assisted Living

Argent Court offers people throughout Texas senior care services. We can assist for residents who require help with daily medication, grooming, or other needs.

We know that each resident’s needs are unique, and personalize our care accordingly, allowing each resident to maintain as independent a lifestyle as possible.

Texas Respite Care

Respite Care

Enjoy all the benefits and care that we provide our residents as part of a short term stay at Argent Court.

Whether you are interested in experiencing life at Argent Court, need help while recovering from medical issues, or are seeking to provide normal caregivers with a break we’ll work to make you feel at home.

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We Are Argent Court Assisted Living!

Argent Court Texas Assisted Living & Retirement Home

Frequently Asked Questions

Argent Court | Texas Assisted Living | Senior Retirement Homes
  • How can I convince my Mom or Dad that it’s time for Assisted Living?

    The decision to move to an Assisted Living community is never easy and there’s no simple answer to the question. However, the Nurses at Argent Court generally conducts a “Pre-Admission Meeting,” to assist the families in making the decision, breaking the news, and facilitating a smooth transition for your loved one. Each admission requires a specific approach, by the family and staff, so we will work together with you to develop a plan that everyone can feel at peace with.

  • Do you accept Medicare or Medicaid?

    Medicare does not pay for assisted living, room and board, or personal care. However, medical expenses incurred at an assisted living residence may be covered by Medicare just as they would if the medical procedures occurred in a doctor’s office, hospital or at one’s home. Medicare can cover certain services, such as physician’s visits, medications, and Home Health care services, physical, occupation, speech therapy, and Hospice care while you reside at Argent Court.

  • What other charges might I see on my monthly bill?

    Argent Court is proud to offer an all-inclusive rate, so families can budget accordingly in today’s economy. The only additional charges that you might see, on your monthly statement, will be charges for some outings (such as lunches or theatre outings) that your loved one may decide to participate in, charges for incontinent supplies (should Argent Court need to supply them), and other ancillary charges that you give permission for us to bill for. (ex: extra hskp, extra keys, in room meal deliveries, service upgrades, etc.)

  • Will I be able to entertain family or friends for an occasional special luncheon or dinner?

    Yes. Friends and families are a big part of everyone’s life and we strive to make things as “home-like” as possible. We even have a private dining area for families for special occasions.

  • Is there a beauty or barber shop available?

    Yes, charges will be billed independently by Beautician.

  • Do I need to bring my own furniture?

    Argent Court provides furnished apartments for temporary Respite Stays, or for those Residents who need time to get their belongings moved to Argent Court. Furnished apartments are also available for “trial runs,” that allow the Resident, or the family, to try us out for a night or two, to see how everyone adjusts to the change.

  • I use a wheelchair – will that be a problem?

    Not at all. Our only requirement is that you are able to assist in transfer in and out of your wheelchair independently or with the assistance.

  • Do you provide activities?

    Absolutely! Fun activities are a must at Argent Court.

  • How quickly can the move-in process go?

    If you’ve had a recent physical, or were in the hospital or a rehab center, most often we can retrieve the information from those sources. Once a History and Physical has been secured, the admission process can take place in less than 24 hours.

  • Do you accept Long-Term Care Insurance?

    Yes! Most policies will cover room and board several of our Residents’ stays are funded through long-term care insurance. Our Administrator will be happy to review your policy and assist you in determining if coverage is possible.

  • May I bring my car?

    Yes, as long as you have a valid driver’s license. Free parking is available for residents and visitors.

  • May I bring my pet?

    Yes, as long as they fit within the guidelines we have adopted, you are more than welcome to bring a pet.

  • Do you have transportation available?

    Yes, we have a Van available, equipped with a wheelchair lift, to take residents on group outings, as well as to personal appointments. (There maybe additional charges for transportation to personal appointments outside city limits)

  • Who does my insurance company charge for medications and physician’s visits?

    All physicians, who see Residents at Argent Court, as well as our pharmacy, bill Medicare or your secondary insurance directly.

  • Is rent paid on a monthly or annual basis?

    Rent is paid monthly, utilizing ACH Debited Drafts, for resident and family convenience.

  • I’m on oxygen – is that OK?

    Yes. Our Assisted Living Residents are required, to be able to turn their own machines on and off, as well as adjust the flow rate. Our nursing staff; however, can assist you in ensuring your supply is always stocked and ready.

  • Can I have a special diet?

    Yes, we accommodate dietary restrictions, such as no added salt, no concentrated sweets. We can also cater to food allergies, please discuss those allergies further with the Administrator so they can be carefully noted.

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Argent Court | Texas Assisted Living | Senior Retirement Homes
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